Taipei: Fresh sushi in Addicted Aquatic Development

Despite consuming various yummy Taiwanese food and drink, I was still hankering after some fresh sushi. To solve this immediately, a quick Google search led me to the Addicted Aquatic Development north of central Taipei; a seafood wet market-cum-restaurant complex. It’s definitely not as large and infamous as Tokyo’s Tsukiji Market nor is it as reasonably priced but … More Taipei: Fresh sushi in Addicted Aquatic Development

‘Exotic’ snacks in Wangfujing Street market

Before I came to China, I braced myself appropriately for the three things I knew I was guaranteed to see: An ungodly amount of spitting; Children shitting on the pavement; Insects on sticks. Lo and behold I found sight number 3 at Wangfujing Street’s food market in order to complete my Chinese cultural immersion. I’ve definitely seen … More ‘Exotic’ snacks in Wangfujing Street market