Farewell 2015

2015 was definitely one of the fastest years I’ve had and was over before I knew it. Although it was a great year, I initially thought not an awful lot happened in it, but on reflection, a lot actually did!

January saw me start a new job, which I really loved (and which I unfortunately had to move on from in October before I was ready – the nature of fixed-term contracts). February saw me settling nicely into my job whilst also tying with the crazy but enticing idea of going back to Hong Kong by myself and taking my first solo trip abroad.

Souq market
A stop-off in Doha before reaching Hong Kong.

By March, the idea was cemented in my mind and I found myself booking plane tickets! I couldn’t really tell you what happened in April because I was so fixated on the 20th May, the date I was to fly out of London. Those two short but sweet weeks I spent in Hong Kong, and catching up with family there whom I hadn’t seen in 5 years, were definitely my cornerstone of 2015.

Hong Kong family (although shown here in London) plus Mum and me in the middle.

June was a bit of a downer, having got back from home and not really feeling ‘at home’. I did a lot of reflecting on my time in Hong Kong and thought about the changes I wanted to make in my life; how I just wanted to take every opportunity I could, say yes to everything, fulfill my potential and have lots of experiences abroad while I still could. (Feel free to cringe here).

In August, my newly-found tenacity saw me signing up to do a Politics & Economics bachelors degree through the University of London, signing up for Cantonese lessons and sitting my first Mandarin exam. On top of my fulltime job. Crazy lady.


Needless to say, I was pretty exhausted by the time Christmas came around but was happy that I seemed to have ditched my huge procrastinating habit and just did things. And achieved things.

2015 was a definite year of figuring stuff out, which I’m still trying to do, even though I’m only 22! Things like what country (or continent…) I want to live in and what career path I want to take. A bit crazy and no one’s making me make these decisions but I like to plan ahead about all the endless choices I can make. (Some might call me a control freak…).

Wong Tai Sing temple
Torrential rain at Wong Tai Sing temple, Hong Kong.

As for 2016, I don’t have any real plans yet but I definitely want to visit some new parts of Asia. Let me know if there’s anywhere in particular you recommend!

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