Giant rainbow candy floss in Harajuku, Tokyo!

I promise I do have plenty of actually ‘cultured’ things up my sleeve to share with you all but the photos of those things are from my DSLR and I just haven’t had the time to edit them! Been having too much fun 🙂

So until I can get those edited (I’m hoping to do so on the train to Kyoto on Monday!) I’ll leave you with another novelty activity I got up to. Well, ‘activity’ is a bit of a stretch. I basically just bought an obnoxiously large rainbow candy floss and I regret nothing!


Anyone who’s spent enough time on Instagram will have seen this infamous candy floss originating from Tokyo’s trendy Harajuku district. You can find it in Totti Candy Factory which is on the first floor. The ground floor (shown in the above photo) is a different rainbow candy shop. Totti Candy sells a select number of pick ‘n’ mix sweets too but the star of the show, a full rainbow candy floss on a stick, will set you back 900 yen. The fewer colours you pick, the cheaper it’ll be.


I found none of the staff spoke English but that’s not a problem; the types of candy floss on sticks available will be shown in photos at the counter/till. Just point to the one you want, pay, and you will be given a ticket to take to the next counter which is where your candy floss will be made in front of you. I had pointed to the photo of a cup and a stick candy floss, thinking you had to pick the kind of ‘cup’ candy floss colours you wanted and then they’d transform it into a cone… I know, stupid in hindsight but language barriers make you do stupid things! But anyway it was fine. I just ended up with more candy floss than I bargained for…


And here’s the candy floss in all it’s glory. It was so big that I couldn’t fit both me and it into one photo!! I kept getting stopped by fellow tourists asking if they could take a photo of me with my candy floss, haha!



Once I’d eaten a fair bit and it’d deflated a bit in the humidity, I managed to get most of it and me into one photo 🙂


To prove just how big these things are, there’s actually a sign outside the shop warning you not to accidentally hit anyone in the head with it! Hahaha. I did find myself having to walk down the very packed street with my candy floss held high above everyone’s heads!!


And lastly, here’s a few fun photos of the other rainbow shop downstairs from Totti Candy.

Although rainbow candy floss isn’t going to be the cultural highlight of my Japan trip, I knew in advance of coming that it was something I had to try and I have absolutely no regrets!!



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