How to survive China: 12 crucial tips

As interesting an experience as China was, it was obviously not without it’s downfalls so I’ve put together a list of tips I wish someone had given me before I went that would have made my life in China a lot easier and a little less bewildering. I had read some of these tips before and honestly wished I’d taken them more seriously. These are less like tips, more like ‘mandatory survival advice’!! Heed my words carefully! … More How to survive China: 12 crucial tips

Bullet train to Shanghai: An unexpected odyssey

After the agro and hiccups I experienced in Beijing (read: stress induced crying and almost homeless-ness), I was pretty bloody excited to be going to Shanghai, especially as I had been promised that more people spoke English there. Hallelujah. I didn’t really have any expectations or preconceived ideas of Beijing but I definitely did of Shanghai so I was … More Bullet train to Shanghai: An unexpected odyssey

‘Exotic’ snacks in Wangfujing Street market

Before I came to China, I braced myself appropriately for the three things I knew I was guaranteed to see: An ungodly amount of spitting; Children shitting on the pavement; Insects on sticks. Lo and behold I found sight number 3 at Wangfujing Street’s food market in order to complete my Chinese cultural immersion. I’ve definitely seen … More ‘Exotic’ snacks in Wangfujing Street market

Tiananmen Square

Before I even stepped foot into Tiananmen Square, I was unsure how I would feel about it. Clearly its reputation precedes it and who could forget the horror of what happened there in June 1989. That aside, it’s a significant location in Chinese history so I think I was rather obliged to visit. Walking into … More Tiananmen Square