Taipei: Fresh sushi in Addicted Aquatic Development


Despite consuming various yummy Taiwanese food and drink, I was still hankering after some fresh sushi. To solve this immediately, a quick Google search led me to the Addicted Aquatic Development north of central Taipei; a seafood wet market-cum-restaurant complex. It’s definitely not as large and infamous as Tokyo’s Tsukiji Market nor is it as reasonably priced but still, it made for a great afternoon out.

The Addicted Aquatic Development is sort of three things in one. First, it’s a fresh seafood wet market. And I mean fresh. There were giant grabs poking their long legs out of polystyrene containers!



Secondly, it’s like some kind of up-market supermarket meets a farmer’s market. As in, the fresh produce they have from the wet market is used to produce a variety of packaged to-go sushi options. They also sell a variety of punic-like snacks, and some home decor things and flowers. I guess it’s an up-market snack and picnic shop?




Thirdly, they have this super cool sushi bar restaurant in the middle of the supermarket element. I went late afternoon during the week and it was pretty busy so I can only imagine how crazy it gets on the weekends. You can grab a ticket by telling the staff how many of you there are to eat and they you’ll wait a little while. But you could browse the shop while you wait.


My terrible attempt at trying to get most of the sushi bar in shot…

I think the sushi bar was aimed at the more high-end of the market because prices weren’t too reasonable, particularly given the cramped eating arrangements. I perhaps wouldn’t recommend going if there’s more than two or three of you. Although they were fully occupied when I went, some of my sushi choices took a lot longer to arrive than others which isn’t ideal because I wanted to eat all of my mine together, not eat just one type of sushi or sashimi and then make 20/25 mins for another type to arrive.

Still the food itself was really tasty and because of where you’re seated you get to each the chefs prepare all the dishes which is super interesting. I could have watched them all day.



Overall, Addicted Aquatic Development is an interesting place to visit and certainly worth grabbing some sushi from! I would definitely visit the sushi bar again although only as a way to grab a snack or kill some time. I’m sure there are more enjoyable and relaxing places to share sushi with friends.

Where’s your favourite place to eat sushi? I’m always looking for new places to try around the world so tell me in the comments below!

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