Borough Market: London’s fresh food heaven

Hidden just behind London Bridge station is Borough Market; one of the city’s largest and oldest food markets. This maze of fresh produce and yummy treats is only a short walk away from my office but shamefully I’ve only made a handful of brief visits over the last two years.

I decided this needed to change so I spent a leisurely lunch hour one Friday looking at what the market had to offer. Here’s a selection of the gorgeous food and produce stalls I passed. No talking from me needed. I hope you’re not feeling too hungry right now!

tomatoes   tomatoes  tomatoes  fresh fruit


fresh vegetables  fresh vegetables   pumpkins   paella


cheese   cheese and mustard   cheese and mustard   cheese


chocolate truffles   meringues and cookies   macaroons   homemade mustards


breads      olives   baskets of olives   dried cooked meats

I haven’t been to Borough Market since this festive season but I plan on going back before Christmas because it’s certain to be amazing so make sure you check it out! I’ll let you know what seasonal goodies I find.

Where’s your favourite food market in the world? Have you got any in mind that you’re dying to visit? Tell me in the comments below!


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