Singapore: A colourful wander through Chinatown

_DSC0496 3

Visiting Singapore again after six years away gave me a big case of deja vu, but in a good way. Plenty had changed but plenty had not. Some of the big things and places I didn’t remember without looking at my old holiday photos, and then small things and places I remembered so perfectly and it was like no time had passed at all. Like I was still a 17-year-old and not an almost-23-year-old woman on the cusp of an existential crisis…!

Like so many of the different countries and cities I had visited the previous few months, Singapore was such a joy to just aimlessly walk through. Beautiful little back streets; some were painted bright colours and others were charmingly indistinct.

Chinatown is definitely one of Singapore’s most colourful spots. Not a surprise because it’s so close to the city centre and has all the tourist pulls; markets, street food and photogenic backdrops in the shape of colourful buildings, not to mention the pristinely clean streets you will see wherever you go in Singapore. The combination of colour and cleanliness makes Singapore feel like a real-life Disneyland state.

Here’s a stream of photos from my Chinatown wanderings. Enjoy!

_DSC0497 5

_DSC0491 3

_DSC0483 5

_DSC0481 5

_DSC0537 5

_DSC0475 5

_DSC0509 5

_DSC0506 5

_DSC0501 5

_DSC0498 5

_DSC0526 5

_DSC0495 5

_DSC0531 5

_DSC0529 5

_DSC0525 5

_DSC0517 5

_DSC0511 5

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