Singapore’s iconic architecture: Marina Bay

_DSC0240 7

Arguably the most iconic place in Singapore is it’s Marina Bay. It’s a large area (1.4 square miles) that surrounds part of the Singapore River and is adjacent to Singapore’s Central Business District.

In Marina Bay you can find a variety of developments; sports stadium, shopping centre, residential property, the stunning Gardens by the Bay complex (more on that in a future post!), The Helix Bridge, the infamous Marina Bay Sands hotel, ArtScience Museum (shaped like a lotus!) and several other unique-looking places.

Particularly iconic is the Marina Bay Sands hotel which opened in 2010. This five-star hotel was built to look like a ship ‘sitting’ on top of three buildings. At the very top sits an infinity pool. I’m so sad I didn’t get a chance to experience it! The views from that pool are absolutely stunning, especially at sunset.

_DSC0072 5

_DSC0073 5

The Helix Bridge takes you across the river from near the sports stadium (a peculiar ‘open-walled’ stadium which sits on the water’s edge and the actual sports pitch floats on the water!) to near the Marina Bay Sands. The Helix Bridge actually changes colour at set times and since it’s meant to resemble a DNA helix, pairs of coloured letters (c and ga and t – letters of the chemical compounds which make up DNA) are found on the bridge and are lit up at night in red and green. How cool is that?!

_DSC0078 5

Sadly I don’t have a photo of Singapore’s iconic ‘Merlion’ – a mythical create which is half lion and half fish. The Merlion statue sits on the water’s edge in Marina Bay and ‘spits’ water in the River. Below’s a beautiful photo of it I found on Wikipedia. I can’t believe I went on a photography trip all that way and forgot to take even one photo of the Merlion! Arghh. Stupid me. I’m sure I’ll be back to Singapore again one day soon.

The Merlion statue – Photo taken from Wikipedia

To round things off, here’s a few more shots of the Marin Bay area. I can’t wait to share my photos of Gardens By the Bay with you next time!!

_DSC0246 8

_DSC0254 8

_DSC0257 8

Let me know below what your favourite photogenic place in Singapore is!


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