Clarke Quay: Singapore’s rainbow ‘village’

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Singapore may be a tiny and, to some, an unassuming country but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of beautiful nooks and crannies to explore and things to do. One of those places is Clarke Quay.

Along the Singapore River sits Clarke Quay; a collection of multicoloured Disneyland-esque shopfronts that house a variety of restaurants, bars, clubs, and boutique shops. Basically everything you could need for a good night out.

During the day, Clarke Quay is also a relaxing place to grab lunch by the water or maybe just sit with a drink and read a book. At night it transforms into one of Singapore’s most lively places. It also looks even more beautiful at night with colour-changing canopies and fountains! Unfortunately I didn’t get any photos at night 😦

There’s a mind-blowing variety of restaurants: Indian, Spanish, British, Vietnamese, Thai, Japanese, Italian, American, Chinese. You name it and it’s probably there! I didn’t eat there myself as it can be a little pricey and I also heard mixed reviews about the restaurants there. It seems you’re paying more for the vibrant location rather than any good quality food. So you might not find a gourmet meal at Clarke Quay but you are pretty much guaranteed a good time.

I remember from my last visit to Singapore (in 2010…!) there was a brilliant novelty bar that served cocktails in syringes and pretend blood-donation bags, and the seating was all hospital themed, like wheelchairs and metal beds! Kind of creepy but really good fun. Sadly this bar closed down a couple of years ago.

If you fancy visiting Clarke Quay but don’t particular fancy walking, you can take a river taxi from Raffles Place MRT station to Clarke Quay. I did this 7 years ago and it was good fun!

On this visit I went for the walking option. Here are some photos from my stroll:

_DSC0043 5
Singapore’s Ministry of Communications Information building – next to Clarke Quay

_DSC0036 5

_DSC0031 5

_DSC0023 5

_DSC0029 5

_DSC0017 5

_DSC0019 5

_DSC0004 5

_DSC0003 5

_DSC0011 6

_DSC0007 5

_DSC0987 4

_DSC0973 4

_DSC0976 4


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