Little India: Singapore’s most colourful place?

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I’m a bit sad that I didn’t spend more time in Kuala Lumpur’s Little India so I wanted to make up for it and see plenty of Singapore’s Little India.

Perhaps it was the time of day I went (about an hour before sunset) but there was hardly anyone there compared to KL’s Little India! Still, you could tell what a vibrant place it must be at peak times. So many smells, patterns and colours! The buildings were gorgeous and there was quite a lot of cool street art and murals too. I even saw a guy part-way through painting a mural. I secretly took some action shots, hoping I didn’t look like a creep!

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These next five photos are from what seemed like the main part of Little India – the part you see first when you walk from the MRT station.

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_DSC0627 5

_DSC0629 5

_DSC0634 5

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Here are some from the quieter part, which happened to be the most colourful. It’s also where I found the murals (show above). I’m absolutely in LOVE with that stripy coloured building!! ❤ I couldn’t take enough photos of it!

_DSC0658 5

_DSC0662 5

_DSC0666 5

_DSC0690 4

_DSC0697 5

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Not far from the stripy rainbow building (it’s new official name, according to me), I was standing outside one of the temples, taking a couple of photos and reading the signs, when a man sitting by the temple’s entrance got talking to me and asked if I could take his photo with my camera! I was a bit weirded out because no one has ever asked me to take their photo before so I wasn’t sure of his intention! And I hadn’t taken any portrait photos before, but I was really flattered. I quickly took his photo, feeling too much pressure to take the time to find all the right settings on my DSLR, and I showed him on my camera screen. He seemed pleased! So there we are. My first every portrait photo 🙂

_DSC0711 5

He was so friendly (but not in a creepy way) and invited me into the temple although I definitely wasn’t dressed appropriately with my short-shorts! But I would have felt rude declining so I went in for about 5 or 10 minutes, conscious of my naked legs, and watched some musicians play. I exchanged a smile and a thank you to the man again when I left. I know it sounds like a cliché but it honestly warms my heart so much when strangers in different countries are so friendly to me. They never ask for anything materialistic in return; they only seem to want a conversation where we can share our cultures (and sometimes languages) and the occasional photo!

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_DSC0713 5

Here are some final Little India photos. I hope you enjoyed them. Let me know in the comments where else you recommend visiting in Singapore! The more colourful, the better 🙂

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_DSC0705 5

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