Shanghai: A stroll through the French Concession


You’ve probably noticed by now that a lot of my summer has been spent strolling through the streets of Asia. It might be bloody hot but travelling by foot is free and you get to see lots of interesting things. (And burn off all that food you’ve scoffed…).

There might not be ‘things to do’ (except eat and drink great food – post on that coming soon) in the former French Concession but it was recommended as a good place to walk through in Shanghai. I’m a bit of a colonialism apologist but I do find colonial history and buildings really interesting and the French Concession didn’t disappoint. Lots of the older residential buildings were very European in style and there were absolute masses of overhanging trees which were lovely. You almost forgot you were in China! A cool mix of European and Chinese culture. It was also a relatively quiet area of Shanghai to walk through, which was a nice break/alternative to the craziness of central Shanghai (which I also loved).

As always, here are some photos. At this point I was STILL getting the hang of getting things in focus/using a fast enough shutter speed for moving traffic. So many of my French Concession photos are slightly blurry or out of focus which drove me crazy once I saw them but hey, here’s the best of the bunch. We’ve all got to start somewhere!


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