Shanghai: Jing’an Temple


Although I’m not remotely religious, it’s no secret that I love a good temple and I definitely got my fix in Shanghai. It might be a busy and dense city but there are still spots of calm and serenity, like the Buddhist Jing’an Temple off of busy West Nanjing road.

The temple was first built in 247 AD and  was relocated to its current site in 1216. During the Cultural Revolution, it was converted into a plastic factory but in 1983, it was returned to its original purpose and renovated with the Jing’an Pagoda completed in 2010.

Although it might not have that ‘old’ look of other temples, it was certainly grand and vast, complete with plenty of detail which I love. It was definitely my favourite temple in China but I think my favourite temple I’ve visited all summer was Longshan Temple in Taipei – stay tuned to see and read all about that soon.

I guess fancy bloggers would call this a ‘photo essay’ so here you go, enjoy these dozens of Jing’an photos. Let me know what your favourite temple is!





It’s hard to see but the man above is throwing coins onto this carving on the stairs. It looked like you’re meant to throw them until they stay put/don’t full down. I wish I could tell you why but alas, I can’t.


See if you can spot the people polishing the balconies 🙂



It wouldn’t truly be Asia without a sudden onslaught of torrential train.




3 thoughts on “Shanghai: Jing’an Temple

    1. Ahhh I’ve been to the Po Lin Monastery too! (There’s some photos from it on my blog somewhere if you want to reminisce 🙂 ) It’s definitely an amazing place. I’ll visit Wuhou Temple one day then!

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