London’s Anti-Trump Protests: July 2018


Trump briefly passed through the UK at the weekend and let’s just say it was hard not to notice. Never mind the fact few of us actually saw the man himself, his presence certainly left a mark in the form of the spirited anti-Trump protests that took place in London.

I spent most of Friday afternoon and evening hopping around London to the various protest points and the atmosphere was wonderful! I didn’t see anyone inciting hatred or trying take advantage of the protests in a violent way. After a difficult two years for London (and the UK) it was hugely heartwarming to see so many different people brought together to share humour and swap stories with each other, and obviously to unite to keep important social issues in the public domain. Even the police officers were friendly and accommodating, often giving lost people (protestors and just normal tourists) directions to different parts of London.

The only upsetting thing about the day was I didn’t get to see the Trump baby balloon in person! It kept moving location and I think it eventually left for Edinburgh before I got to   it’s last known location.

Below are just a few of my personal favourite signs and moments from the protests. (I took a couple of videos which captured the atmosphere but sadly WordPress won’t allow me to upload them. I might upload them on YouTube instead).


One thought on “London’s Anti-Trump Protests: July 2018

  1. Brilliant signs and so good that so many people got out to demonstrate. Well done to every single person. Shame about not seeing the blimp though.


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