Singapore: Gardens by the Bay ‘Skyway’ night photos

_DSC0722 5

If you read my post from last week about the amazing Gardens by the Bay, you’ll have already seen a tonne of photos. I talked about the Skyway walk you can do around the top of the ‘super trees’ but I didn’t actually show any photos from it! I’ve just found a bunch that I forgot I took so that’s what I’m giving you today!

Like I said in my previous blog post, the experience on the Skyway can feel a bit rushed because the staff keep ushering people along to prevent congestion BUT it’s still an incredible experience and totally worth the hassle. I decided to go just when it was dark so I could get beautiful photos of the multi-coloured lights on the trees.

Sadly I didn’t bring my tripod along with me, although I don’t think they actually allow tripods on the Skyway so I suppose it didn’t matter. But unfortunately some of my photos are insanely grainy! I even used my best lens with only a 1.8 aperture buy hey ho, nothing is a perfect replacement for a tripod and long-exposure. That aside, I hope you like the photos! It was such a unique and beautiful place to photograph.

_DSC0725 5

_DSC0743 5

_DSC0727 5

_DSC0728 5

_DSC0730 5

_DSC0733 5

_DSC0734 5

_DSC0736 5

_DSC0742 5


_DSC0747 5

_DSC0750 5

_DSC0754 5

_DSC0759 5

_DSC0760 5

_DSC0762 5

_DSC0763 5

_DSC0765 5

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