Malaysia: Cameron Highlands strawberry farm


Aside from its tea, the Cameron Highlands are famous for their juicy strawberries. I headed to the aptly named ‘Big Red Strawberry Farm‘ to try them for myself.

You can pick your own but, like a local Canadian man told me, it’s not really any different to strawberry picking back in your native country, except this farm charges you more! Plus you have to pick a minimum of 500g and, to be honest, I wasn’t convinced I could eat half a kilo of strawberries by myself!

It’s easy to find the farm – just follow the yellow-brick road strawberry road.



Even if you haven’t come to pick strawberries, the farm is a nice place to relax and wander around. They have a  gift shop that sells every piece of strawberry memorabilia you could hope for, and they also have a cafe which sells punnet of strawberries and some strawberry deserts. I settled for a small punnet to chomp on. Probably the freshest and sweetest strawberries I’ve had!

The farm also grows a variety of other things here, like lettuces, which are interesting to look at, although you aren’t allowed to pick them.


Further down the hill from the Strawberry Farm is ‘Cactus Valley‘ which, well, sells a lot of mini cacti! Perhaps catering more to the locals than the tourists (because how would you pack a spiky cactus for a plane journey…?) but it’s a lovely place to browse. They also sell some succulents. Perhaps they’re a little more suitcase-friendly…?





Overall, I spent about an hour at the Strawberry Farm and Cactus Valley. Although the Strawberry Farm is one of the iconic places to visit in the Cameron Highlands, it wasn’t an overly interesting place to visit but I’m still glad I went. Perhaps it’s more exciting for those interested in gardening and horticulture.

Have you been to the Strawberry Farm before? Where else would you recommend going in the Cameron Highlands? Let me know in the comments below!

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