Kuala Lumpur: Kuan Ti Temple

_DSC0023 3

Oh what a surprise, I ended up in another temple again! (I’m not sorry). This time around it was the somewhat hidden Kuan Ti Temple in Chinatown. I love tiny quirky temples just as much as the big lavish ones!

Kuan Ti is a Taoist temple and was built 121 years ago. It’s largely dedicated to the god Guan Yu (also known as Guandi) who is the Taoist god of war and who was originally a general in the Chinese army 1,800 years ago.

I won’t swamp you with more details If you want to read more about how Buddhists and Taoists (and followers of other similar East Asian religions) use temples and incense etc. then check out my Buddhism 101 post from when I went on a free guided night tour of Taipei’s largest temple. I learnt so much!

I’ll leave you with some photos.













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