Cycling and strolling through Yangshuo


In Yangshuo I stayed at the Sudderstreet Guesthouse which offers guests cheap/free daily bicycle renting. The bikes cost around 10RMB a day to rent and after 5pm they are free. (You can also rent electric bikes for a bit more money). The bikes were well used as it’s about a 10 minute bike ride from the guest house to the town centre .

I think if you cycle anywhere in China you take your life in your hands (something I learnt rather quickly in Beijing) but with a little practice you too can get used to waving your hands and ringing your bell. I was feeling somewhat braver after (sort of) conquering the cycle lanes of Beijing so I braced myself for Yangshuo.

Another downside was that Yangshuo’s roads are notoriously dusty and full of boulder-sized potholes. But again, you’re in China, and it just adds to the adventurous unknown. (Will I/will I not fall off my bike today??)

If you cycle anywhere beyond the shop-lined streets, you’ll be rewarded with blissfully silent countryside and river views. Down certain roads you’ll be lucky to find another person in close proximity. People watching from the high edge overlooking the Li River was a favourite pastime of mine.

Alternatively, cycle down to West Street (tourist central) for plenty of kooky looking buildings, knick-knack shops and bars. Even the favourite Chinese pastime, KTV karaoke.

Here’s a collection of things I saw on my short cycle outings:












Have you been to Shangshuo before? What’s your favourite place in the world to go cycling? Let me know if the comments below 🙂


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