Shanghai: A stroll down the Bund


Hands down the most iconic part of Shanghai is the Bund and the city skyline across the water. When you hear ‘Shanghai’ you think of the iconic Pearl Tower.

Luckily for me, the Bund was in walking distance of where I was staying so I didn’t waste time skipping down there across the bridge in time for my first Shanghai-nese sunset. After the isolated feeling of staying in Beijing’s outskirts and unfriendly streets, the walk to the Bund through my new neighbourhood was delightful. At the time it felt vaguely like Hong Kong; quirky streets, buildings, homes and small shops. (Unfortunately I got too carried away with Shanghai-joy the whole week and never took any photos around there! 😦 )

And did anyone else know that the Pearl Tower changed colour?? I didn’t! I thought it was always purple/pink! Learn something new every day.

shanghai street

Also, every time I visited the Bund, I saw couples having their ‘wedding’ photos taken! For those who don’t know, it’s very common for Chinese couples to have a big wedding photoshoot which, unlike wedding photos in Western cultures, isn’t anything to do with their actual wedding day! It usually takes place months before or after the couple are married and involves several outfit changes and locations. Women usually wear a red dress, which in Chinese culture symbolises happiness, luck and fortune 🙂 I saw so many lovely dresses and set-ups but was too paranoid about lingering to take photos and getting told off so I usually just did a quick snap whilst walking, hence the questionable photo quality/colouring!

shanghai sunset



shanghai skyline




2 thoughts on “Shanghai: A stroll down the Bund

  1. Your pictures make me miss Shanghai so much. Definitely one of my most favourite cities ever.
    I love the mixture of modern vs traditional chinese. The city is so energetizing, that I never ever felt tired or exhausted there ❤

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