And so it begins

Hello world! So I’ve been umm-ing and err-ing about doing this for a while but now at last, here I am Internet, with a travel blog-of-sorts. So what convinced me to finally stop procrastinating and just do it, you ask? In just under 5 weeks, I will be taking my first entirely solo trip/adventure abroad! Eek. And I wanted a place where I could document absolutely everything. Travelling is something I’ve daydreamed constantly about for years and I still remember the exact moment when, aged 14, I realised travelling was what I wanted to do more than anything else in the world.

Antigua, aged almost 2
Baby me, almost aged 2, soaking up the rays (and juice) in Antigua with Dad.

Alas, I’m not in a financial position where I can be abroad travelling every day of the year so writing and documenting everything on a blog the rest of the time seemed like a pretty great compromise. Especially as I love writing and gawking at amazing travel photographs. (Who doesn’t?). To start things off, here are the 13 the places I’ve been to so far in my 21 years. The USA, Mexico, Cuba, Antigua, Dominican Republic, France, Spain, Italy, Vatican City (yes, it counts as a separate country!), Qatar, Maldives, Hong Kong and Singapore. So where am I going in 5 weeks time? Qatar, Hong Kong, China and Macau! As you know now, I’ve been to Qatar and Hong Kong before but never Mainland China or Macau so I’m pretty excited to venture out that bit further. Especially since I can practice my Cantonese and Mandarin! (I’m a closest language geek but I’ll save that tale for another day).

First trip to Hong Kong, aged 13. Trying out the kau cim (fortune telling) sticks in Wong Tai Sin Temple.
First trip to Hong Kong, aged 13. Trying out the kau cim (fortune telling) sticks in Wong Tai Sin Temple.

Right, that’s that then. First solo trip is actually happening. Yep. No going back. It’s all very real but I’m still a little in denial it’s happening. Am I apprehensive? A bit. I’ve been having recurring ‘I’ve forgotten my luggage yet I’m now at the airport plus I’ve lost my purse’ nightmares. But am I excited to go out and do it all alone, just me, myself and I? YES. Insanely excited! Brace yourself Asia, I’m coming back!

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