Shanghai wrap-up: Can I live here?

After a pretty, errr, challenging week in Beijing and intro to China, (almost being homeless, train ticket stress, communication difficulties), you can imagine I was skipping in delight about the idea of arriving in metropolitan Shanghai. And it didn’t disappoint! Let’s see how it fared. (I’ve only employed a ‘rating out of 5’ system so I have an easy way to rank each city! I’m not wanting to judge anyone else’s homeland harshly!) … More Shanghai wrap-up: Can I live here?

Shanghai: Finding love the Chinese way

Barely two weeks into my China visit and I had already uncovered a plethora of cultural differences; some expected and some utterly foreign. Dating was one of these. If you ever watched the cracker of a dead-pan humour documentary Paul Merton in China back in 2007, you’ll be wise to the Chinese take on dating. (I can’t lie, watching … More Shanghai: Finding love the Chinese way

Shanghai’s underground propaganda art museum

  I think the coolest (and weirdest) thing I did in Shanghai was visit this underground propaganda art museum! Even on paper it sounds cool. While I like to think I was briefly part of some secret, rebellious movement, the government are actually aware of it’s existence and licensed it in 2012. Still, a bit of context, it’s … More Shanghai’s underground propaganda art museum